Windows 8 developer preview review.

Windows 8 has a lot of new features, but the real question is will they work... well. Windows 8 most notable change is the new UI. Called 'Metro interface' it looks and feels different but is it an improvement. Some may say yes other may say no and other may say Linux.

It has new games new taskmanager new UI. No more start menu (desktop still exists) new IE10 will be available. Secure boot security for the windows 8 bootloader. There where some rumors about the secure boot of win8 that it wont support dualbooting, there for if you have a windows machine you wont be able to install linux FreeBSD and homemade linux distrubutions. But that is an option the OEM can make. If the machine will have secure boot enable. And the option to disable secure boot. The stable release of windows 8 is expected sometime in the fall of 2012.

About this video, I couldn't get windows 8 stable under vmware, so its a little buggy.

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