Native Viber for Linux

Back in June I wrote an article on how to get WhatsApp and Viber in Ubuntu 13.04. Viber, we installed via wine. Now, we will install a native viber. Recently, the developers from Viber released a Linux version [1]. for now Viber is only available via a .deb file. At the time of writing Viber holds version number 4.0.


Some feature that Viber is known for:

  • Free text, calling, photo messages and location-sharing with Viber users*
  • No registration, alias or invitations required
  • Instantly integrates with your own contact list
  • Best-quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi

Download Viber and install it via command line like so: sudo dpkg -i Viber.deb. Then search for it via the dash(Viber). Then follow the setup wizard.

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While tinkering with Viber I only noticed two bugs:

  1. Is the small Viber icon that - from my observation - is supposed to be a panel icon.
  2. Multiple icons on the launcher. Presumably, one is the main Viber application, and the other, is the supposed to be panel icon.
Viber bugs

For questions and or feedback towards Viber, please visit the Google+ Viber's Linux beta tester community.

Thats it, have fun!

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