How to make a slipstream windows cd - Part 1 nlite(windows xp)

For this tutorial we will be using windows xp and nlite to slipstream it. (For vista/7 we will be using another software, but we will get to that later.)

First download nlite then install it. You will need a windows xp iso/file. If you have an old xp without service pack 3 here is te link to SP3. Chooce the language. Your language has to be the same as your winxp cd. Download it. And your done. And if you have a really old cd, or you just don't want to download them one by one cause your lasy.Smile_icon

Here is an app called Windows update downloader. Download it. Then download a update list. Double click a list then select which updates/servicepacks you want. Then click the download button. Please note that the most resent update lists. From the windows update downloader site is from 2010. And there is no windows 7 update list. But through some intensive google-ing, i found a update list for windows-7 (02-17-2011)

To search for newer update here is a site that supports only Internet explorer "Microsoft" update catalog. Typ in the KB*** number or search for Windows XP. select the updates your missing download them. And if you want to integrate windows media player update you need another app WMP slipstreamer. Install it then copy the installed executable from C:\Program Files\WMP11 Slipstreamer\WMP11Slipstreamer.exe to C:\Program Files\nLite\ that is all.

what can you do with nlite well here is how the task selection looks like.


  • Intergrate
  • Service pack
  • Hotfixes, addons and update packs
  • Drivers

  • Remove
  • components

  • Setup
  • Unattended
  • Options
  • Tweaks
  • Bootable ISO

Here is the Video tutorial for nlite.

There is an app called nlite-addon maker and what it does is it makes .cab for you apps lets say ccleaner and then you can integrate that cab into your windows cd. And in the installation of windows xp it will also install ccleaner. Smile_icon I couldnt find a link of nlite-addon maker anywhere on the web, and the homepage has been offline for some time now.

I have a nlite-addon installer which still works. First here is the virus total report for nlite-addon-maker Virustotal. Download nlite-addon-maker. Just in case here is the virustotal report for all the files. Nlite, WMP slipstreamer, and Windows updates downloader.

Happy slipstreaming.

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