Howto auto mount NTFS part/disks in Ubuntu

The header says it all, how do we auto mount NTFS partitions/disks in Ubuntu.

Press the Ubuntu button, start your disks application.


select your NTFS Partition/Disk? Press the configuration button select Edit Mount Options...

Edit Mount Options...

Turn off the Automatic Mount Options, select Mount at startup. choose your Display Name Like Data or partition-Data or seriously-not-porn, whichever best describes your personality?!

Mount Options window

Mount Point means where do you want it to be mounted! this could be /mnt/DATA//home/username/part-data or /home/username/Videos/no-porno again, what best describes you personality! After that Press OK, type in your password, again OK. and restart you system, and see your mounted HardDiskdrive - in all honesty the majority of geeks, are male so - /mnt/yeah-this-my-porn.

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