Enable unity 3D with nvidia 7xxx vga

I have a nvidia geforce go 7300 and unfortunately the 7xxx series have been black listed. There for i cant get unity 3D to work Sad_icon. But if you really want unity-3D to work, here is what you do.

First lets see if your vga is able to run unity-3D, copy/paste the following code in to your gnome-terminal: /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

If all the test says yes(except the "not blacklisted") then the unity-3D will work. But these video-cards where blacklisted for a reason, so it will be a bit buggy.

unity support test

Remember to install your proprietary vga driver.(version 173)

proprietary vga-driver

Copy the following in the terminal: sudo gedit /etc/environment

And then add this:UNITY_FORCE_START=1in the tekst editor to /etc/environment, Then save the file and reboot

Here is the howto video en review of unity-3D

As you can see the it does the trick. And it does it well. Well for me than and for my vga(nvidia geforce go 7300). Those flikkering of unity thats because of my desktop recorder. It wont record them smoothly. But in actuality its really smooth. YES unity works Smile i'am Big smile But I'm still Cool.

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