CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner has been released for mac, Finally out of beta.

CCleaner is a cleaning utility for Windows, and now also for mac, thanks to its developers at Piriform. CCleaner is the best when it comes to cleaning, registry optimizing, un-installing, harddisk wiping although not all feature are available in the mac version, they will later on(... I hope) here are the release notes for ccleaner for mac v1.01.


  • Browser Support for Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Cookie management.
  • Repair Permissions.
  • Wipe Freespace.
  • Stability fixes on 10.5 and 10.7.2.
  • Improved cleaning of Chrome's omnibox.
  • Several minor fixes.

v1.01 os support are Mac OSX 10.5/10.6/10.7 and support for all current version of FirefoxIcon_Cool, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

From YouTube: CCleaner for Mac

I am a fan of ccleaner ever since a run in to it. and the mac version is a glimps of greatness to come although slim looking unlike its windows cousin but that wil change soon... again hopefully.

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